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Glass fiber reinforced plastic (abbreviated symbol for GRP or FRP), which is compounded by synthetic resin and glass fiber ,FRP products prossess many excellent properties such as: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance,anti-pollution, UV resistance,rich in colour , flame retardant, high temperature resistance.

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Runsing Composite Co., Ltd.was established in 2003

FRP corrugated plate apply to cooling tower

Built-in mechanism of FRP cooling tower. Corrugated board and flat board are all produced by automation machinery, to replace hand-made boards. That makes the design and users more flexible and practical: the manufacturer delivery more efficient, easier to install unit, efficiency improve the quality and efficiency, reduce production costs.

FRP panels apply to truck body

Runsing mainly has four types of FRP panels , widely used on trucks , trailer trucks , refrigerator cars( refrigeratory) and containers.


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Molding is a manufacturing process for producing fiberglass section products with cross-sections of equal shape and size. The process is as follows: after being saturated in matrix materials (such as unsaturated polyester resin), reinforced materials (such as fiberglass untwisting roving and fiberglass continuous mat) are pulled by the molding equipment through the molding system, in which they solidify continuously under high temperature and pressure so that fiberglass section products are obtained with smooth surface, stable size and very high intensity。


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Runsing Composite Co., Ltd.was established in 2003

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